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Known as GuyThaLizard (Guy Hoffman) also known as KAYAKokanagan on Twitter.


I am a kayaking and outdoor enthusiast who loves to photograph, videograph and blog my adventures I am living in the South Okanagan Valley of  British Columbia, Canada, in an area known as a desert. I blog about my kayaking trips on my main blog calledwww.KAYAKokanagan.com my videos are on YouTube on my video channel GuyThaLizardVIDEOS http://www.youtube.com/guythalizardvideos .


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  • did you loose your kayak? March 13, 2017
    A one person KAYAK was FOUND in Summerland Area. May have been lost or Stolen. Please contact the finder below along with the description of your lost or missing kayak if you think it is your kayak. email: Damien24@live.ca or send text to: 579-489-1309~GuyThaLizard http://www.GuyThaLizard.com http://www.KAYAKokanagan.com #KAYAKokanagan #Kayaking #Okanagan Twitter: @GuyThaLizard @KAYAKokanagan VIDEOS: http://www.youtube.com/GuyThaLizardVIDEOS BLOG: http://www.KAYAKokanagan.com […]
  • Mittry Lake Kayaking - "The Hut In The Lake" 002 December 19, 2016
    ~GuyThaLizardhttp://www.GuyThaLizard.com http://www.KAYAKokanagan.com #KAYAKokanagan #Kayaking #OkanaganTwitter: @GuyThaLizard @KAYAKokanagan VIDEOS: http://www.youtube.com/GuyThaLizardVIDEOS BLOG: http://www.KAYAKokanagan.com #KAYAKokanagan, #Kayaking, #Okanagan, #Skaha, #Penticton
  • Mittry Lake Arizona Kayaking Dec15th2016 001 December 19, 2016
    LogDate: 2016-12-15Kayaking on Mittry Lake ArizonaBLM land (Bureau of Land Management, Free camping for 10 days there, no water hookup, no sewer hookups, no electrical we ran on solar power) Never kayaked around Palm Trees until now. Mittry Lake is just a few miles north of Yuma Arizona. More at: http://www.KAYAKokanagan.com http://www.GuyThaLizard.com~GuyThaLizard http://www.GuyThaLizard.com http://www.KAYAKokanagan.com #KAYAKokanagan #Kayaking #OkanaganTwitter: […]
  • We tied the knot! Kayaker Kathy Mca and GuyThaLizard October 18, 2016
    First off I'd like to say Thank You All for following my blogs and posts.It has been a very busy summer. Not a lot of kayaking this summer season. We spent our weekends and time off working very hard preparing for our wedding. Yes "Kayaker Kathy McA" and I tied the knot in September. What […]
  • Kayaking Okanagan Lake Log: 2016-05-07 May 8, 2016
    It has been a very busy few months since we returned from our California. Work is at full speed with little free time so today we took a day to enjoy what we both love.Kayaking!We paddled a small section of Okanagan Lake's N/E shoreline. Here are a few shots from today.~GuyThaLizardhttp://www.GuyThaLizard.com http://www.KAYAKokanagan.com#KAYAKokanagan #Kayaking #Okanagan Twitter: @GuyThaLizard […]
  • While RVing over the winter in California we enjoyed 1/2 price camping.. March 17, 2016
    We enjoyed using our Passport America Card over the winter this gave us 50% off all our sites, and found many, many, awesome campsites with full hookups, swimming pools and hot tubs.  These beautiful sites are well kept and very relaxing. California was awesome! If you want to see our trip check out our RVing […]
  • Fossil Falls California 2016 01 20 January 21, 2016
    ~GuyThaLizard http://www.GuyThaLizard.com http://www.KAYAKokanagan.com #KAYAKokanagan #Kayaking #OkanaganWe are in California exploring, RVing and having a great time. Here is one of our highlights of our vacation. Follow us on our RVing Blog at: http://guythalizardadventures.tumblr.comNot a lot of water here for kayaking due to the drought but we brought our kayaks for the trip. Hoping to find some […]
  • Lake Isabella in California - Trip Report 2015-11-13 November 14, 2015
    Lake Isabella in California - Trip Report 2015-11-13 We are on vacation in South Western California  and found a lake to kayak on. Though the lake was quite low due to drought it was perfect for kayaking on. (November 13 2015)~GuyThaLizard http://www.GuyThaLizard.com http://www.KAYAKokanagan.com #KAYAKokanagan #Kayaking #Okanagan Twitter: @GuyThaLizard @KAYAKokanagan VIDEOS: http://www.youtube.com/GuyThaLizardVIDEOS BLOG: http://www.KAYAKokanagan.com #KAYAKokanagan, #Kayaking, #Okanagan, […]
  • Labourday Weekend 2015 September 16, 2015
    From Crazy Creek Hot-Pools, Sugar Lake kayaking to Rainbow Falls  Started our weekend at Crazy Creek Hot Pools Enjoying the pools, Haven't been in a hot pool or tub in a while since moving into the RV. Was quite enjoyable. Crazy Creek's #39 is a perfect pull through for dry camping. Didn't kayak at Crazy Creek […]
  • Island Lake Kayaking adventure with Brian & Melissa 2015-08-03 August 4, 2015
    Today we went to Island Lake and paddled south to Deer lake then to Crooked Lake. Good times and a paddle day with our awesome friends Brian and Melissa of Vernon. We have been waiting for for quite some time. Here are some shots of the day.PS: Thank you George for the cucumbers! ~GuyThaLizard http://www.GuyThaLizard.com http://www.KAYAKokanagan.com […]